Nowadays, there are several models and brands of laptop. But not all of them have the same functionality and power. The difference is in some of the components that make the computer work. To avoid choosing a laptop in bad condition, we wanted to inform you about these essential elements for the functioning of this machine.

The processor

The processor is an indispensable component for a laptop. It is not good to make a mistake in its choice. So, in order to choose the right processor for your laptop, you need to consider certain features. These characteristics can be found on the data sheets offered by manufacturers or distributors. They are: the model of the processor (Intel Core, AMD, Celeron, etc.); the number of cores, which corresponds to the capacity to carry out many tasks; the frequency, which corresponds to the speed; and the cache memory.
You should check these technical characteristics to see if the processor is in good condition. At the moment, in the world of processors, the best model is Intel Core.

The graphics card

Still called a video card or VGA card, the graphics card is the component that produces images before transferring them to a computer's screen. If you choose a computer with a graphics card in poor condition, you may not be able to follow the images on your screen. The more powerful the graphics card, the clearer the images will be.
When choosing a graphics card, there are two features to consider: the model and the dedicated video memory.

The external and internal hard drive

Currently, there are two models that fight in terms of hard disk: SATA and SSD. The first model it very slow but very efficient. In addition to its efficiency, it has a very large storage space. And it costs less. Unlike the SSD model, it is very fast. But it is very fragile, less powerful than SATA and more expensive than SATA.
Other things to consider when choosing a laptop include RAM, screen size and resolution, and connection systems.