Technology is a very broad field. We can distinguish sub-sectors such as IT, network management and maintenance. This last sub-sector is a real sector on which several other sectors depend. Maintenance is the monitoring of electrical installations, signaling installations, etc. To take charge of this sector, you need a maintenance technician. Who is it?

The maintenance technician and his tasks

The maintenance technician is an expert who deals with maintenance. He/she ensures the accomplishment of several tasks. Among other things, the maintenance technician's role is to:
- Checking the signaling and electrical installations;
- Helping the maintenance manager to ensure the safety, organization and productivity of the technical areas;
- To replace the maintenance manager in case of incapacity...
The missions of a maintenance technician are numerous.

The qualities required to be an excellent maintenance technician

Working as a maintenance technician is not for everyone. There are certain qualities that you need to have in order to know if you can work in this sector. So, to be an excellent maintenance technician, you need to:
- Have an analytical mind;
- Be autonomous;
- Be methodical;
- Be rigorous;
- Be a team player;
- Have pedagogical and management skills;
- Organisational skills.
If you have these qualities, you can be sure that you can work in maintenance.

Becoming a maintenance technician: some required qualifications

To become a maintenance technician, you need to have diplomas such as BTS, DUT, professional license in maintenance. You can also obtain a professional license in electrical engineering.
There are courses you can take to become a maintenance technician. There are, for example
- Maintenance of industrial equipment
- Electricity and connected environments
- Management and maintenance of energy installations
- Maintenance and technology: industrial control
- Maintenance and technology: electronics, instrumentation
There are many other courses.